Game Worn Radio: Open Mic Night

This week was open mic night on Game Worn Radio.  We had a ton of fun this week and had a large variety of topics which included:

  • Putting new caller Drew on the spot.
  • MeiGray warehouse theft.
  • Jason being a secret NBA fan.
  • Tom’s pro wrestling career.
  • 12549098_10101671552342721_7164177279842934899_n
  • Stolen jersey recovery.
  • Facebook group madness.
  • Everybody love everybody.
  • Unintended consequences of text conversations.
  • Marco joins in at 24 minutes.
  • Marco’s missing finger.
  • Tagging Marco every time you see a “Grail” thread.
  • Stephen joins in at 26:30, busts in on us with a new Skype profile and took the profile pic.
  • stephen
  • Stephen recaps the Red Wing sale situation.
  • Canadian dollar exchange rate. Marco can’t afford to buy anything.
  • Stephen asks for trade consultation which leads to talking about season jerseys vs patched single game jerseys.
  • Drew is not related to Ty Conklin.
  • Relationships with great representatives from teams.
  • Chick-Fil-A employees are way nicer than any other fast food joint.
  • Marco wants Sundin skates.

All in all, open mic night was a ton of fun and we will definitely be doing this again.  We had some new callers this week and everyone seemed to have a really good time with the show.  As usual, when the next show’s topic is decided, it can be found in the usual places.