Game Worn Radio: Meigray Expo and Blackhawks Convention


The Meigray Expo and the Blackhawks Convention happened last week allowed us to get a couple callers on the show that attended these shows.  There were highlights and lowlights, favorite moments, and comparisons discussed from each event.

Derek Whitwer showed us just how easy calling into the show can be, using Skype for his first time.

At the end, we reserved some time for some shameless plugs (personal announcements) that the collectors who called in wanted to make.

We originally scheduled this show to start at 8PM EST, but with no callers scheduled for that time slot, we pushed the show back to original time at 10PM EST.  The next show is Sunday, August 9th at 10PM EST (Provided that our host does not have a newborn yet).   The topic will be decided later in the week.

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