Game Worn Radio: LOAs

This week on Game Worn Radio we were joined by Jason Doc Noyes (DocNoyes), , Bobby Eagle (TheBeagle), Bert Woods (Bert Woods), Marco DeRocchis (Marco_polo),
Dan Day, and Tom Vore (Cheese Thunder) to talk about LOAs.

We quickly started off talking about what an LOA is, what many LOAs lack that we would want, and the scope of use of an LOA.  After we discussed LOAs and got a general feeling about them, it was announced that will be starting a new digital LOA program.  From there, we talked about what we would like to see from the program and our plans.

Since is by collectors and for collectors, this allowed us to get feedback on the program among our callers with honest feedback on the information they were hearing for the first time, allowing us to take a look at our templates and fine tune the program while it is still in sandbox mode.

This show had our most live listeners and messages in our live chat as we were able to read and respond to what our listeners were discussing as the show continued.