Game Worn Radio: August 9th and 23rd Scheduled


Our August 9th show is set for 10PM EST and the topics are:

  • The Grail Controversy
  • Social Media in the Hobby

To reserve a spot, post on the thread.  NOTE:  There is a chance that this could get cancelled.  Our host of the show has a baby due anytime.

Our August 23rd show is set for 10PM EST and we will be talking to a special guest:

  • Jeff Lerg

Jeff Lerg is the goaltender for the Toledo Walleye who had a breakout season last year to lift the Walleye to their best season in existence winning the Brabham Cup in the ECHL.  We will be talking to Jeff about any memorabilia he likes to keep around, what he thinks of the auctions he has been at to auction off his own jerseys, and any questions you may submit.  To reserve a spot, post on the thread.  Spots will be limited.

To start preliminary talks prior to the show about any of our upcoming topics, join the facebook group for the radio show.