Game Worn Radio – Auctions Pt. 2


This Sunday, we were joined by Jason Doc Noyes, Marco DeRocchis, Bert Woods, Jason Seidl, Pete Gianakas, and Dan Day to finish our discussion on auctions.  With one of the most recent auctions ending, there was a lot of discussion on varying values, surprises and we even fielded write in questions and topics.  Those that reconnected after the show ended, they got an unfiltered look at the banter that happens between the participants after the show ends.

Next Sunday, with the NHL finally in the Stanley Cup Finals, we will be discussing Stanley Cup Finals jerseys and other topics that may arise.  To get in on the call or to submit questions, head over to the Game Worn Radio forum.

Special Announcement: On June 14th, we are scheduled to have NHL goaltender Mike McKenna on the show to discuss his personal collection.