Free Agency Fun, Collector Interviews Resume, Game Worn Radio Delay


Free Agency

The NHL Free Agency period is always a fun time in our hobby.  Its a great time to observe various transactions that happen in the wave of team decisions.

When a team does not resign a player, you can often find a team collector trying to sell the jersey of that player.  If the player gets signed by another team, you might even see that jersey being sold getting purchased by a collector of the new team.

Free agency creates a layer of supply and demand between teams and players and entertainingly reflects the decisions made by the GMs in the NHL.

Collector Interviews Resume is continuing our summer trend to interview collectors from all over the world.  If you would like to join us on Skype to be interviewed, please contact us to schedule a time.  If you would prefer to keep your interview to a text-only format, we can accommodate as well.

Game Worn Radio Delay

Due to the holiday, Game Worn Radio will return on Tuesday, July 11th at 9PM.