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The boorish behavior continues UNFORTUNATELY

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  • The boorish behavior continues UNFORTUNATELY

    What is it lately with people's behavior and how one is being treated.Its unbelievable to say the least. It is now spreading to the various teams as well.A few Hall of Shame Examples

    1) JF Larochelle,equipment manager for Rouyn Noranda Huskies. Here is a guy who promised me that he reserved 10 jerseys for me before he went to the Memorial Cup with the Huskies. Then after a month he advised me that he had sold all of the jerseys. He claims his cell phone was dropped in some lake in Northern Quebec. Emails went unanswered,until a month later he apologizes for selling the jerseys after he promised to put them aside for me. He sold them for much more money than he agreed to with me. Talk about going against your word. What a complete liar and scammer this person is. I had done many a deals with him and the team and he treats me like this. Total total unprofessional and unacceptable to say the least.

    2) Sylvie Fortier of the Sherbrooke Phoenix. Again was promised jerseys over the summer,and a list would be sent to me in November like previous years when i have done many a deals with them as well. I follow up again a few weeks ago with them,and advise me the jerseys are sold,nothing is available. Again lies lies lies,and totally unprofessional and unacceptable and in both cases to a great customer who has spent lots of money with both teams.

    ********Update 2017********************************************** The Sherbrooke Phoenix and Sylvie and Bianca,have indeed proven LIARS and UNPROFESSIONAL indeed. I see a number of 2015-16 game worn jerseys being sold by another person that they sold too,after promising me over the summer game worn jerseys,and then telling me none were available,but they sold them to other people.What an absolute joke they are as an organization.

    What is it with all this boorish behavior lately. Hey it isn't about jerseys or DVDS or all that,it is the way people treat each other,that is important,right?

    And there are many many others as well,like former business partners,other collectors,and that which is really becoming sort of an epidemic to say the least,which I will have more to say later,on more examples of BOORISH and Unprofessional behavior
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    It seems the boorish behavior is a never ending saga.

    What is it with these people especially neophytes and newbies that just tire kick and waste people's time especially us vetern collectors and dealers.

    Case in point Dale Turcotte out of Moncton New Brunswick. Here is a guy that just tire kicks people to death and wastes people's time

    He contacted me on wanting to buy two junior jerseys. Back and forth,back and forth,pictures sent,price negotiation back and forth etc etc,then he suggests the price that he wants to pay,then we have a tentative deal,then he says he cant pay right away needs two weeks,and then disappears.

    Then he claims he had the money that night and the next day he didn't BUT that didn't stop him from buying a number of junior jerseys especially one that he wanted from me from others,after he behaved like this and disappeared on me.

    He says he didnt have the money,after he agreed to the price he wanted to pay,nd then he goes on a buying spree,what a complete unprofessional and downright joke this is.

    You have a lot to learn Dale Turcotte,on etiquette,and how to treat others. Your actions were so unprofessional and just down right UNACCEPTABLE of the hobby.