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URGENT: Sergei Makarov 1990-91 Flames Game Worn Jersey

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  • URGENT: Sergei Makarov 1990-91 Flames Game Worn Jersey

    Hey guys,

    My gf bought me this jersey (not through eBay) as a gift. After looking at it I see one glaring concern (I should add I'm a novice in the hobby).

    Can someone help tell me if there are any indicators that this jersey is definitely fake?

    The thing that troubles me is the CCM inner tag.

    I'd like to put a stop on the transaction before anything ships or goes further, but I need some help as soon as possible.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    The font of the A's in Makarov on the back are not right and on the inside of the jersey, the two layers of the numbers should be stitched together before being stitched onto the jersey. The 2's on the arms are not correct either. I would definatley put a halt to this transaction. Here is my Makarov Flames:
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      Please let us know how this panned out. Since my reply, I have had several collectors who were offered this jersey recently. Please steer clear of this jersey.
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        Please check your PM.