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  • Auction house bidding

    I have my opinion based on my own experiences with bidding on items from the major online auction sites but I'd like to get thoughts and experiences others have had. How honest are these auction sites that we all know about? Is there criminal behavior going on? Fraud? Example, I bid on an item a number of times and end up losing. The next day I call about the item and the bidding process and the said item is offered to me for purchase at what my last bid was. Fraud? To me it seems obvious that the auction house bids up it's own items and ended up stuck with it. How can it possibly be available to me the next day at whatever my last bid was? The other bidders/bids were clearly fraudulent. Why is this tolerated in the hobby? Why not just create an website to sell these items for a fee and spare everyone with the garbage fake auctions?

    Thoughts? Experiences?
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    These forums used to be a great place to sell jerseys, the hobby isn’t what it used to be for a lot of reasons.

    I’m happy I only have 5 left and can’t wait till its over. I will probably have to send the remainder of my jerseys to an auction house most likely cause eBay is a joke and these forums like I mentioned are a ghost town.


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      I'm actually surprised with the lack of people here or participation. You'd think this would be the go to website. If collectors aren't here then where the hell are they?


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        People say facebook groups but I don't have facebook. Maybe some can chime in here about Facebook.


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          We are working on a redesign to attract more regular users. Unfortunately with facebook, its easy to dump information and let it sit.

          The hard part for the hobby is there is no organization behind it, so it just sits there in a clutter and good information gets lost.

          Hopefully it will be brought to light that organization is key to a hobby and you cant support the hobby via facebook, its only a supplement. In order to accomplish that, valuable information needs to be referenced from a non-facebook entity and not cross posted.

          We will see.

          People are in fact engaging more, but information is becoming lost.
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