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Belfour Auctioned at Classic and GWA ... same jersey?

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  • Belfour Auctioned at Classic and GWA ... same jersey?

    As a Stars collector, I try to keep note of all the Stars jerseys that hit the auction block. In the recent set of auctions, each had a 99-00 Belfour Stanley Cup Finals jersey stated to have been worn in Games 1 and 2. My first thought was that these were two different jerseys and Belfour may have been switching between periods or something. Now that the auctions are over, I've realized these two jerseys were actually the same jersey in both auctions.

    Classic Auctions:

    Game Worn Auctions:

    The patch placement looks close enough to be the same, but the mark on the gold trim of the sublimated star on the bottom right of the jersey is present in both pics from both auction sites. I don't think there is any question it is the same jersey.

    How is this possible? Classic auctions was live and ran through 11/9/2016. The Game Worn Auctions preview was up around 11/7/2016, before Classic even ended. Game Worn Auctions didn't go live until 11/19/2016. The only logical explanation I can think of is one of the guys at Game Worn Auctions bid on the item at Classic with the sole intention of auctioning it in their own auction. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Not only do I have to worry about other collectors who want the same jersey as me to get into a bidding war, but I can't expect to get a good deal on a jersey because another auction house will bid me up to the point they think they could make a profit at their own auction?

    Maybe that isn't what happened here, but I can't think of any other logical answer. In the 10 day period between the auctions, is that enough time for someone at GWA to send payment to Classic, receive the jersey, take pictures and write their description for the auction to go live? Did other winners get their items that fast? I'm not sure I can really place blame. Tons of people buy jerseys they think are undervalued simply for the point of resale. Why can't an auction house do the same? I could argue either side, but it isn't something I realized was happening and makes me feel kinda dirty, choice!

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    To be completely honest, when it comes to people profiteering, nothing surprises me anymore.

    There are some companies out there that give to the community as much or more than they take from it, then there are some that only take. Guess you gotta decide who is who and what you want to do about it.
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