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Sunday, 5/29 @ 10pm: Resolving and Recovering from Bad Deals and Reputation

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  • Sunday, 5/29 @ 10pm: Resolving and Recovering from Bad Deals and Reputation

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    I am very disappointed with the behaviour in this broadcast and you guys mentioning my name and making fun of it.First off it is not Nick Virus,it is Nick Viris. I DO NOT HAVE A BAD REPUTATION,look at the ebay ratings I have and my stellar feedback. Any and all sellers everywhere have the right to REFUSE SERVICE to anyone. Most of the people I have banned from my auctions have deserved it for the things they have done to me and all that.My rule is if we have one bad transaction well I dont want to deal with that person anymore period. Very shortly I will detail in length some of the incidents and let you judge for yourselves with names and details.

    I am very disappointed in the boorish behavior heard on this broadcast and talking about me in a negative way. I will not tolerate this what so ever.


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      First, let me begin by saying thank you for listening to the radio show.

      With that said, it seems that you are more concerned with people VOICING their opinion and feelings about how you handle your business rather than the fact that they are unhappy with it. You are free to run your business how you would like, just as people are free to express their feelings on your business. You can't please everyone, and you won't, but if you do not listen to what people have to say and consider how they feel, then should you really get upset that they don't like the way you conduct business?

      As you may have heard from the radio show, i have never conducted business with you, but from a seller standpoint, if you have the money, i have the item. For me, its that simple.

      Im glad you are using the free speech available here to express your opinion on the show, but I'm not glad that you seem to want to use your free speech to restrict the free speech of others.

      If you are concerned with how people feel about you, might I suggest listening to WHY they feel this way and making resolutions or mending bridges?

      If you do not care how people feel about you or your business and do not want to listen to their opinions, then its probably not appropriate to respond to them.

      Either way, glad you are apart of the hobby. We hope you can join us on the show sometime!
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        Derek,your reply via email was a joke.

        I asked to join the show and you now say that there is no room for me,at all,after you said that you hoped I can join the show in your reply above.

        Very disappointed,and it looks like you are deliberately doing things for me not to join the show,