Field Report: Michigan Hockey Garage Sale

20150418_081011-e1429764737238Brandon Ho attended the 2015 University of Michigan Hockey Garage Sale and filed this report.

On Saturday April 18, 2015 the University of Michigan had their annual hockey garage sale at the indoor track and field building. This is a very popular garage sale that happens after every Michigan hockey season. You have Michigan collectors like myself, adult hockey players, kid hockey players, Michigan club hockey players, and fans to name a few of the faces that attend this sale. Some of the popular items include sticks, game and practice helmets, gloves, socks, goalie gear, and various Michigan apparel.

For people like me who don’t go Black Friday shopping this is my black Friday shopping. The first person to camp out in line arrived on Friday at 6:30 AM. Myself along with fellow Michigan collectors Mike Reynolds and Mark Foster were 11th in line. Although the weather was the nicest it has been in 5 years, the line was not as long as it has been in the past years. People usually trickle in through the night with a majority of them showing up around dawn, for whatever reason this year that did not happen. By 6:30 AM the line was about 75-100 people long.

Doors opened about 15 minutes early at 7:45 and the fun began. You have a majority of the people running to the sticks while some people run to grab game helmets and practice jerseys. Although I have never gone to sticks first I can only imagine the chaos at those bins with people grabbing handfuls of sticks and just waiving them around. After about 5 minutes you can look around and just see everyone with their piles of hockey gear trying on to see if it fits them or figuring out what they need or don’t need. A common thing to do is trade items such as a pair of gloves for a certain player’s stick or a practice jersey for a unique hockey item. By around 9:30 AM the sale is done with and pretty much everyone has paid and is on their way home with a bag of goodies.

Needless to say that many people including myself truly appreciate the effort and time that the University of Michigan puts into the annual garage sale. I always look forward to it every year to help console the fact that Michigan’s hockey season is over….unless they win the national title of course.


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