Escrow Services

1556246_10100921918714602_1223131286_oEscrow for Auctions and Trading

Are you trying to find a proxy bidder for a live auction that you cannot attend?  Are you an available proxy bidder but you do not want to risk getting stuck with a purchase that someone has not reimbursed you for? Maybe your are trading jerseys but want to make sure everything is on the up and up.  Try our escrow service. Auctions: For $15 per person per event, have peace of mind allowing to help you through this process.  As our thank you, our proxy bidders receive $5 of the service charge collected for their service.

  1. Buyer decides maximum price on item.
  2. Buyer sends the maximum amount they are willing to spend (+ shipping) to hold and the $15 service payment.
  3. Bidder is notified of deposit and can bid comfortably for desired item.
  4. Bidder submits receipt of purchase for selected item and shipping notification.
    1. If buyer is outbid, money in holding for the bid is returned.
  5. Bidder is paid for item from once package is received.

To inquire about this service or set up an escrow for an event, use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. Trading: For $5 per person per trade + Shipping fees, have peace of mind allowing to help you through this process.

  1. Traders send jerseys to
  2. reviews jerseys and consults experts if needed to make sure the details of the trade are met.
  3. If there is any details not disclosed in the trade agreement, mediates parties.
    1. If there is any issue, jerseys can be returned to original owner.
  4. If everything meets the agreement, jerseys are forwarded to their new owners.