Encourage Your Team to Organize With Us. Why? OSU Sale.


Does your favorite team sell their jerseys themselves?  Do you find that information can be hard to obtain about the sale or access can be very limited?  If so, encourage your team to get a hold of us at GameWorn.us.  We will discuss with them various options in which they can get their items and information out to the public and collectors to ensure the best results from their sale.

Earlier this year at the Ohio State Equipment Sale, there were reports of a dealer from Michigan traveling to the sale walking away with a large amount of these jerseys, many collectors were left with nothing.  As you can see from the pricing list, the hockey jerseys were sold for $150.  Now, they are on eBay ranging from $350-400 from an account that has a large collectibles store under a handle that contains “goblu”.

Lets get more jerseys in the hands of collectors.  Have your teams contact us.