DWhit’s Trade List

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Mike Commodore

This jersey still has a sales tag in it listing it as a misc 07-10 game jersey.  It is tagged as a size 60 Reebok Edge 1.0 jersey.
There is a small snag in the left sleeve.

Henrik Sedin 2012-13 Blue Set 2 w/C
This jersey has the Canucks tracking barcode pressed above the fight strap..  It is the home set that was worn from the dates 4/4/13 – 5/7/14.  It is tagged as a size 58 Reebok Edge 2.0 jersey.  On the fight strap, 33 and “C” have been written.
Front: There are 2 large dark slash marks on the crest.  On the green trim there is a light friction mark..
Back:  Just above the left side of the name plate there are 2 friction marks.  The right 3 has a little black on it.

Right Arm: On the elbow there is a small friction mark, with a black mark on the white trim above the elbow patch and a melt line on the white trim below the elbow near the cuff.
Left Arm: There are small friction marks throughout this arm with a small black mark on the top white trim.

Matt Cooke 2006-07 Navy Set 2
This jersey has the Meigray tag stitched into the hem.  It is the home set that was worn from the dates 12/12/06 – 3/4/07.  It is tagged as a size 56 jersey.  The arms have been customized by hemming them from the elbow to sleeve.
Front: Light melting on shoulders.
Right Arm: Red wax marks near the number.  Deep black burns on the stripes.
Left Arm: Various rub marks on front and back.  2″ repair near stripes.

In this jersey, Cooke had 11 GP, 4 A, 16 PIM and 188:47 TOI

R.J. Mahalak 2009-10 White
This jersey is the white jersey worn during the 2009-10 season and sold by the team.  It is tagged as a size 56 Reebok jersey.  It has the Whalers 20th season patch on the right shoulder.
Front:  Black rub marks on the right side and right chest.  Small black mark above crest.
Back:  Orange spot on right neckline.  Small cut on bottom.
Right Arm:  Black marks near armpit.
Left Arm:   Light black markings on elbow.