Displaying Your Full Gear Sets


With the Detroit Red Wings Stadium Series sets getting delivered, there has been a number of questions regarding the best way to display a full set of gear.  One of our great collectors, Phil Watstein, took some time out of his day to show and create a guide on his experience with finding the right display on the cheap.

Equipment required:
1. Bookcase
2. Power drill
3. Cup Hooks
4. Wood screws; 1-inch x8

Optional Equipment:
1. Velcro; for Nameplate
2. Hook (3M or screw); for knit hat

1. Assemble top and bottom half of bookcase per instructions
2. Omit step with the middle shelf
3. Drill holes in top half sides to fit lock-screws
4. Connect bottom and top halves directly using lock-screws
5. Nail backing to bookcase
6. Place unused middle shelf evenly between top and bottom halves on the backside of bookcase for extra support
7. Drill 4 holes on each side of support shelf
8. Attach support shelf to backside of bookcase using wood screws
9. Screw cup hook into bottom of one adjustable shelf
10. Place adjustable shelves at desired heights
11. Attach Velcro to back of nameplate and affix to top adjustable shelf
12. Attach hook on inside of one side of bookcase, below top shelf, to hang knit hat