Digital LOA Introduction

CaptureFull Document  Signature Verification has discussed with collectors and decided to start a digital LOA program.  Pictured is the first page of one of our first completed LOAs.  You can see that Adobe Reader has verified the digital signature, so we can be certain this document has not been modified or duplicated.  This document will be hosted by and made publically available, allowing anyone the opportunity to view the document.

Q & A:

How does it work?
When we receive the information necessary for our experts to determine the item is authentic, we will create the document and digitally sign it with a private key that only we have.  To verify the document, you will download the PDF, install our public key and Adobe Reader will tell you if the public key matches our private key.  If it does, you know your document is original.

What is on the LOA?
The LOA will describe in detail the wear on the jersey and contain at minimum, 6 pictures (Front, Back, Left Arm Front, Left Arm Back, Right Arm Front, and Right Arm Back), reasoning as to why our experts consider it authentic, non-descriptive details about the item, examples of photo matches if applicable, examples of video matches if applicable, scans of any other LOAs that were issued for the item, and a transaction history of collectors that have elected to report transfer details to us.  It may also contain links to repositories containing additional pictures (there will be 16 standard pictures), photo matches and video matches.

Why digital?
Today, many LOAs are paper copies.  They can be easily damaged or misplaced.  They rarely contain descriptive information that tie the document to the item and in many instances will not be reproduced.  A digitally signed LOA allows us to make these LOAs publicly available, the digital signature allows you to verify that the document was created by and not modified by any other party, and the document contains enough detail that you will be able to ensure it is describing the item at hand.

Additionally, this will allow us to create revisions and track the revision history of the LOA as we find out more details about the item.

What happens if I discover that an item I has a LOA is not authentic?
This is something that you will want to negotiate with the seller you received the item from.  A LOA is to be used as a point of reference based on an expert in the field’s opinion of the authenticity of the item.  It is up to you to determine if the information provided is enough for you to feel comfortable with your item.

Why would I want a LOA?
The LOA will collect, document, archive and provide other collectors with an experts opinion on the authenticity of an item.  If the item once had a paper LOA and a LOA at the same time, and now the paper LOA is missing, you will have documentation on what it was.  The document can be updated with new information and includes information that other LOAs  do not.  It cannot be lost because it is a protected digital file and is accessible by anyone.

How can I get started?
For a limited time, we are offering acceptance into our pilot program.  Starting at $8 for previously authenticated jerseys (Meigray, verifiable direct team purchase, limited non-auction house LOAs, photo matched, video matched), send us an email to apply.  If you are accepted into the program, you will need to be able to provide the following:

  • 16 Pictures of the jersey (It is important to have the jersey flat, and the subject squared to the photo.  Observer this repository to see examples):
    1. Front
    2. Back
    3. Left Arm Front
    4. Left Arm Back
    5. Right Arm Front
    6. Right Arm Back
    7. Back Numbers
    8. Back Numbers Inside
    9. Nameplate Outside
    10. Nameplate Inside
    11. Left Arm Numbers
    12. Left Arm Numbers Inside
    13. Right Arm Numbers
    14. Right Arm Numbers Inside
    15. Set Tag Inside (If Applicable)
    16. Set Tag Outside (If Applicable)
  • LOA Scans (If Applicable)
  • Photo matches (If Applicable)
  • Video matches (If Applicable)
  • Lineage
  • Detailed description (which will be verified.  See document above as example).