Details from the Philadelphia Flyers Gear Sale

image_1520On August 29th the Philadelphia Flyers held an equipment sale in conjunction with a merchandise sale at Wells Fargo Arena. The Phillies and 76ers also had their merchandise at the sale. The sale opened at 9am for Season Ticket holders and at 10am for the general public and lasted until 3pm.

The equipment sale was hosted near the entrance of the arena. Meigray was in attendance and the items you could find at the sale included jerseys, sticks, pants, socks, skates, pants, gloves, helmets, pads, blockers, goal pucks, and laundry bags. These were only from the Flyers and no Phantoms gear from their Philadelphia , Adirondack or Leigh Valley days had been available.

The selection was limited and much seemed to be left over from the Meigray Expo. Jerseys were at 25% off the 13-14 season (same as Meigray Summer Sale), Sticks varied in price, Pants $40, Socks for $10 for most players with Giroux and Voracek being $25, Skates varying in price, Gloves at $80 and pads and blockers varying in the 400-500 dollar range.