Controversy over Defunct SF Bulls Liquidation


The San Francisco Bulls were only around for a year and a half in the ECHL.  During that time, they were able to capture die hard fans.  This is proven by the many pages still active on facebook discussing the team, games, and time that was shared.

Recently, an article surfaced illustrating some controversy about the liquidation of remaining Bulls merchandise, including game worn items.  The controversy lies in the debt still lingering around the Bulls founder and president, Pat Curcio and the sale of items from an eBay account as to where the money is going.

It seems in the rush to slam the doors shut, a liquidation of assets plan was misplaced, which would have, should have, described all assets, how assets were to be sold and where the money was allocated.

Luckily, fans can still make purchases for remaining Bulls items guilt free as this controversy remains specifically between two parties.  As the article states, one huge supporter of the Bulls has already purchased a large quantity of items from the eBay account.  Loyalty beyond the life of the team.