Connor McDavid Injury, Oilers Game Worn Program

???????????????????????????????A recent report coming out of ESPN is that Connor McDavid will be out long-term with a possible reported broken collarbone. – ESPN

What makes this game worn news?  This comes on the heels of Sports Collectors Daily’s article about McDavid’s game worn jerseys – Sports Collectors Daily

The jersey McDavid wore in the second period sold to a collector for $35,000 according to MeiGray’s Barry Meisel while the third period shirt was purchased for $25,000.  In each case, collectors had pre-ordered the jerseys through MeiGray’s game-worn program.


Meisel says he expects 15-18 first year McDavid jerseys to be available for purchase this year but many are already spoken for.  The company has already received orders for 12 McDavid gamers from collectors willing to spend $12,500 each.

What does this mean for the future of McDavid jerseys in the hobby?  Many factors to be discussed in this regard.  With the potential for McDavid to miss a large number of games, could it be possible that it we will see an even larger amount of one-game jerseys for a specific player this year?

Barry Meisel is scheduled to be on Game Worn Radio Sunday, 11/15 at 10PM EST.  This will probably be one of the major topics of the night.  To submit questions or reserve your spot on the show, post in the forum from the link above.

Update: Barry Meisel weighs in on McDavid’s injury and the impact on the game worn jersey program on our forum.