Collectors Can Be Hidden Anywhere


Recently, we had to go for a consultation to a lawyers office.  Upon entering the office, the first thing I noticed was a framed original 6 puck set with pictures.  Its not common you see hockey memorabilia in a setting like that, so it was very refreshing.

Since it was a partnership office, you never know who the pieces on display in an office can belong to.  Upon entering our lawyers office, the first thing you see is a large autographed lithograph similar to the one pictured above in a very nice frame.  On the sides were the LOA and the pictures of the players signing the lithograph.

Sometimes these can be one-off purchases, but once we spotted the Henrik Zetterberg hat trick goal puck set in another frame.  Before beginning to conduct our business, we had to talk about the team and our collections.  It was a great ice breaker.  Come to find out, he had jerseys in his collection that would be the centerpiece of many.

Collectors can be found in the most unexpected places.