Collector Interview: Sean Broderick

Sean Broderick currently lives in Beavercreek, OH which is just south of Wright-Paterson Air Force Base, which is close to Dayton, OH.  Dayton, OH you say?  That’s where the Dayton Bombers used to play.  Well, funny you should mention that…

GameWorn:  What do you do for a living?
Sean Broderick: I work at the local Air Force Base as a cost analyst.  I am former Air Force officer and played at the Air Force Academy from 1997-2001. I was medically discharged from the Air Force in 2005 after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
SB: Well, I can’t drink beer anymore because of my Crohn’s disease, but when I could, it was Fat Tire from Ft. Collins, Colorado.

GW: What is your favorite team?
SB: The New Jersey Devils, but I will also latch on to the local teams that I can watch depending on where we are currently living since we travel for the military.  When I was young and growing up in New Jersey, we had partial season tickets for the Devils, 4th row up on the 2nd level directly behind the goalie.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
SB: All-time or current?
GW: How about current and all-time?
SB: Patrick Roy is my all-time favorite as he was my idol growing up.  Martin Brodeur wasn’t far behind, so I would say he is my current favorite, if he is still playing this year.  Also, Matt Donovan is a personal favorite from the Islanders.  When I was in the Oklahoma City area, I would play men’s league with Matt’s father and became pretty good friends with the family, so I was able to watch him grow into an NHL player.

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?
SB: I started collecting cards when I was young, then I moved on to autographs.  When I graduated college I switched to vintage autographs.  I had one of the best autograph collections in the hobby, but there wasn’t much more room to grow, so I traded the autographs a couple years ago for some jerseys that are in my current collection.  I have been collecting NHL jerseys for 3 years now.  My first jerseys were actually my own game worn jerseys.  I was able to obtain my college jersey and minor league jerseys which include my first game played and first win. 

GW: Which minor teams did you play for?
SB:  I played briefly for the Oklahoma City Blazers when we were in Oklahoma.  When we moved to Dayton, I played for the Dayton Bombers during the 05-06 season.  There I suffered two concussions while my wife was pregnant and decided to call it quits.

GW: What makes up the bulk of your collection?
SB: All of my jerseys, except three, are Vezina-year jerseys, meaning they were worn during the year a goalie won the Vezina trophy. 

GW: If money was no issue, what is the one jersey you would want?
SB: Any George Vezina jersey.  The Vezina trophy didn’t exist then, but he is the namesake for the trophy and he makes my collection possible.

GW: What is your favorite jersey in your collection?
SB: That’s a tough one.  I have so many that I really enjoy.  I have a 57-58 Terry Sawchuk, an 84-85 Pelle Lindbergh, a 72-73 Ken Dryden, and a 73-74 Bernie Parent orange jersey with white nameplate which is a style they used for one year only until they brought it back for the 08-09 season.  I also have a 91-92 Patrick Roy and 87-88 Grant Fuhr that was worn in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals when the lights went out in Boston.  All of the jerseys are photo or video matched.

GW: What is your favorite thing about the hobby?
SB: I really like the friends that you make and the sharing of stories and history.  It’s very interesting to hear history through other people.  Even before I started collecting jerseys, I met a lot of great people that were collecting and they were great to be around.  I also feel like we are keeping this part of the game’s history safe.  I always learn something new about the player, the time they played in, and the history of the game every time I research a new jersey.

GW: What would you like to see for the future of the hobby?
SB: It would be nice to see younger kids get involved in the hobby.  Our hobby can’t exist without new blood.  We also need to remember to keep this a hobby.  It’s not worth losing friends over jerseys.   Let’s keep the discussions and banter gentlemanly.

For more information about Chrone’s disease, visit
Sean’s hockeydb profile.