Collector Interview: Scott Galbraith

image Scott is a highway construction foreman in Ontario.  He mostly works on large signs for tourism and the ministry of transportation.  Scott lives in London, Ontario. I reached out to Scott for this interview via email.  I wanted to try to do a phone interview, however our schedules did not permit.  To learn more about Scott, continue reading through our questions.

Favorite Beer: 
I’m going to sound lame here, but I really enjoy a cold Coors light ( when the mountains are really blue, lol) after a long hot day. I am fond of a local craft beer Dead Elephant made by Railway City Brewery out of St.Thomas Ontario. Funny name for a beer. It is a tribute to Jumbo the elephant, St.Thomas’ first really celebrity long before Joe Thornton and Rachael McAdams.
Favorite Team:
Well there’s two, I am a huge fan of The London Knights from the Ontario Hockey League. My NHL team I root for would be the Washington Capitals.
Favorite Player(s):  
My favorite players are Jaromir Jagr and Joe Thornton.
How long have you been collecting?:  
I’ve been a collector of game worn jerseys and memorabilia since about 2004, I started like most guys collecting hockey cards in the mid eighties.
How did you start?:  
I had a chance to view some game worn jersey’s when I was at a Red Wing Playoff game at Hockey town the wings game used store. I had a limited budget at the time but really wanted a gamer. I browsed through the jersey’s and got the best one I could for my budget. This was about 40 or same gamers ago.
Describe your primary collection:  
My primary collection is a little difficult to describe, it is mostly London Knights jerseys. I am trying to get one of each style they have worn throughout the years. Since I live in London it is more to preserve the history of the team through jerseys. I love all the wear these jersey’s show as they were worn for a full season and sometimes longer. I also have a large Joe Thornton collection that I started collecting because I grew up with him in St. Thomas Ontario. Finally I have a bunch of Caps jerseys and equipment. I use to have a bunch of Capitals stuff but I am currently selling some to focus on the bigger name Caps players like Oveckin, Green and Bondra to name a few.
What was your first jersey:  
My first jersey was a Boyd Devereaux Red Wings Playoff jersey (no longer have it).
What is your favorite jersey?:  
My Favorite jersey is a tough one since I love so many for different reasons, but if I had to only keep one it would be my 1995/96 White home Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds Joe Thornton shirt. It was his first jersey he wore in the OHL lots of wear and stick marks. He wore # 11 that season and won the CHL rookie of the year award.
What is your favorite thing about the hobby:  
My favorite part of the hobby is all the people you get to meet that share your passion, and help you with your collection.  Met one of my best friends from collecting, don’t think we would have become friends if we didn’t share the same passion for hockey. I also love the feeling when you first open up that package to see your jersey live for the first time.
If you could have any jersey in the world, what would it be?:  
The one jersey in the world I could have? Well that is easy for me. To me it’s not about money, so I won’t say Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux or Howe. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to own one, especially the Howe. My son and I have had the privilege of meeting him a couple times and he is a huge asset to promoting the game of hockey. For me though, the one I really would like is a Boston Bruins #6 Joe Thornton. For me this is my grail.
What would you like to see as the future for the hobby?:  
As for the future of the hobby. I’m honestly not to sure what I’d like to see in the future. I really like the current state. Maybe change a few things like some teams tagging so there isn’t any confusion as to what is actually worn and issued. San Jose has some of the best in the league.
Lets try to track down a #6 Boston Joe Thornton for Scott.  Any leads?