Collector Interview: Exit Interview with Scott Henshaw


Pictured: One of the jerseys being sold.

As we do our interview articles, it is important to note that hobbies change as peoples lives change.  Not everyone will stay in the hobby.  As people come, others will go, but everyone is still important.  This gives us a great opportunity to talk to a collector who is on to other things in his life and how he spent his time with us.

Scott Henshaw: Lets start with this. My name is Scott Henshaw (Ghost Rider to some) and I live in Sejlflod Denmark, a small community outside of Aalborg, in Northern Jutland. We moved here in 2003 with my Danish Wife and our then 3 year old Daughter. I was born in Montreal, spent some time in Brantford Ontario, 3 years in Calgary and 25 in Vancouver.

My initial goal was to collect the top 200 PIM guys of all time, I think I got 40 or 50, then time and money ran out. What do you do for a living?
SH: Forcibly Unemployed/Retired. Since my Danish is not very good, it was tough to find a real job. I have had a couple of Consultants jobs, nothing long term. I had 35 years experience in the Transportation Industry in Canada, however if you can’t speak Dansk, well, you are done.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
SH: I was a Bud guy in Canada, I am not crazy about the heavier Danish beers, so it is Dansk Pilsner. Most Danes hate it.

GW: What is your favorite team?
SH: My early roots are still with the Habs, my last, the Nucks. Great thing about being here, I can pick any Team.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
SH: Tough one, probably Chris Nilan because he brought some respect to the Habs back in the day.

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?
SH: I needed hockey stockings, socks, and I knew the Canucks sold used stuff at their store. Went down to look for some and saw a beautiful Troy Crowder GI Jersey. After doing research I realized there was a hobby. It was the summer of 97.

GW: What made up the bulk of your collection?
SH: Enforcers, the unappreciated guys.

GW: If money was no issue, what is the one jersey you would want?
SH: They are both out there, Fergie Habs and Schultz Flyers.

GW: What was your favorite jersey in your collection?
SH: too many, Probert, Tiger Williams, WHA Nords Lacombe, Ruskowski North Stars. Actually all of them.

GW: What was your favorite thing about the hobby?
SH: the chase to find it, and the people, you meet some good ones along the way. I miss Milt, Doug and DTG being in the hobby. Dealing with individuals, rather than Corporations (they know who they are)

GW: Did you go to or have you gone to any Expos/Shows?
SH: No I lived too far away in Vancouver to attend any.

GW: What would you like to see for the future of the hobby?
SH: Less Jerseys please, it is getting like cards in the 90’s, pump em out. That’s what the public wants however it is saturating the hobby with garbage.

GW: Why are you leaving the hobby?
SH: Economics, no job = no money. We had a finished basement in Vancouver where I could display the jerseys, no such thing here. Hockey as a spectator sport is about number 4 on the food chain here Denmark, it was time to let go.

GW: Do you think you will ever come back?
SH: No, It’s done, it’s the most fun I had with my clothes on. I have dealt with some great people, even today, I wish them all well in their future endeavors.