Collector Interview: Anthony Chighisola (achighisola)


Anthony Chighisola is a name I keep seeing more and more as time moves on.  A collector who is ramping up his notoriety by participating in many discussions and activities that surround the hobby.  When I first saw his name, my first thought was, how the heck do you say that name… What do you do for a living?
Anthony Chighisola: Director of Alumni Relations and Advancement Coordinator for a Catholic School in Massachusetts

GW: What is your favorite beer?
AC: I am not much of a beer drinker, and would prefer a Southern Comfort with Ginger Ale but will drink Sam Adams seasonal beers here and there. I also am a fan of Captain and Cokes.

GW: What is your favorite team? 
AC: I have always been a Boston Bruins fan and always will be even though the team has been testing me of late haha. My second team that I follow would be the Capitals because of Alexander Ovechkin.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
AC: My favorite current player in the NHL is Alexander Ovechkin. My favorite current player on the Boston Bruins is David Krejci (One of the most underrated players in the NHL). Lastly, my favorite all time player in the game of hockey would be Bobby Orr.

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?
AC: About 3 years ago I decided to stop collecting cards and autographs as they were getting a little old to me. When I was a kid I was a huge Blaine Lacher fan and he was the reason I started playing hockey again. I then started doing some Google searching and found the Boston Bruins game worn group where I met Brian Seppa after doing some research. He was willing to sell me Blaine Lacher’s rookie jersey that is photo matched and was given to him by Steve Babineau. After this I was hooked and have never looked back and decided I would mainly focus on 5 players:

Blaine Lacher, Byron Dafoe (My father played in the minors with him and Olaf Kolzig), Jim Carey, David Krejci, Andrew Raycroft

The reason for the focus on them, was they were my favorite players when they played in Boston, as well as they to me are affordable. I would love to be an Ovechkin collector, but at the end of the day I realized as a collector I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

GW: What makes up the bulk of your collection?
AC: My collection is made up mostly of the 5 players i focus on when collecting. 

GW: If money was no issue, what is the one jersey you would want?
AC: A Bobby Orr game worn jersey or an Alexander Ovechkin gamer. A Jaromir Jagr Bruins jersey would also be amazing to own.

GW: What is your favorite jersey in your collection?
AC: This is an extremely tough one. I have a 1995-1996 Blaine Lacher away jersey from his last year as a bruin with the Bruins All Star game patch on it. I was able to match it to various games and I just love the look of the jersey.

GW: What is your favorite thing about the hobby?
AC: The people that I have met. There are many collectors out there who are willing to help each other out and its great to see. It allows for everyone to enjoy the hobby and track down the jerseys that they really want. I have met some great people both online and in person who truly make the hobby enjoyable and allow for it to grow.

GW: Do you go to or have you gone to any Expos/Shows?
AC: Unfortunately I have not. I have met up with a couple of collectors but hope to go to the Meigray expo next year. We have also started trying to put together a Boston or New England show or at the very least revive one.  

GW: What would you like to see for the future of the hobby?
AC: I am shocked at some of the prices people are willing to pay right now for some jerseys. Especially players that have only been in the league for 1 year or have not really done anything yet. It is making it pretty hard to afford the hobby.

Also another thing that is a little concerning is the amount of jerseys out there. It would be nice to see teams start using less sets which would allow the jerseys to get more wear. Plus if you do spend $7,500 on an Alexander Ovechkin jersey it would be worn for more then 3 games.

GW: Are you going to the Chicago Expo in April?
AC: That is still up in air for me. I would love to but I just don’t know yet.

AC: Do I get any bonus questions?
GW: Uhh sure.  Think fast, most hated player!
AC: Matt Cooke. And along with Matt Cooke add Ed Olczyk … worst commentator in hockey and clearly hates the bruins.

GW: Most hated team.
AC: Montreal.

See you in Chicago!  Make it happen.