Check Out Consignments Regularly

$_57 (2) $_57

As many of you know, a popular auction house just ended their auctions.  Some of the items that are sold on there are items that have previously been on consignment at other places, such as this 2003-04 Yzerman jersey.

We actually had this jersey on consignment for $6,500 for a couple months, then dropped the price to $5,500 a few months prior to the owner consigning it with the auction house.  At auction, the jersey fetched $5,550.27.  Some might think thats not far off from our offering, but after you add in the 19.5% hammer fee, the price jumps to $6,632.57, more expensive than our initial offering.

Had this purchaser browsed consignment sites months prior to the auction, they would have been able to save themselves over $1,000.  Browse consignment sites often.  If you see something you like at a reasonable price, buy it.