Game Worn Radio: Wives Takeover

This week the guys took a step back and let their wives take over.  This is the first time we have gotten the input from the collector’s significant other’s point of view on the hobby.

From their husbands collecting habits, to money, to their favorite teams and activities, these ladies put it out there to talk about everything game worn.

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Game Worn Radio: Technology in the Hobby

Due to some technical issues this episode joins the guys already in discussion.  They were talking about the differences adn events that happened in the early days of collecting and how even though some collectors view those days as the ‘glory days’, today’s era may be the best.

This topic will be discussed again in a future show so everyone can hear some stories regarding the previous years.

The show moving forward discusses how technology has assisted collectors in becoming more educated and making research easier which can consider recent years as the best years in the hobby.

Since Bobby cannot join on Mondays, we are considering a new time to start the show.

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Game Worn Radio: Equipment Sale Follow-up and Auction House Lash Back

This week we talked about the Detroit Red Wings sale and how the changes in rules and procedures affected the sale as well as pricing and item availability.

Doc weighed in on some thing happening with the blues including the increased jersey count and jersey sales beginning on eBay.

This lead us to a heated discussion regarding auction house rates and procedures with a little bit of business philosophy and consumer purchasing power.

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Game Worn Radio: Team Sales Wrapping Up a Season

This is the time of year that is both the best and worst time of the hobby.  Teams have their equipment sales and jersey auctions.  Its a great time because the jerseys and equipment we have seen the players use all year finally become available.  Many collectors begin to sell items from their collections in order to finance new sales and the reports and accounts of new purchases.  Mail days a plenty.

Unfortunately this time also brings out a more competitive side to the hobby and pits collectors against other collectors.  Some collectors begin to dislike practices exercised by other collectors and sometimes collectors can feel disrespected by others actions, even if that is not the intent.  

I find it is important to understand at this time that in addition to collecting, and those we see throughout the hobby have many other things going on in their lives that we do not know about.  Every person interprets a situation differently and thats OK.  What is not OK is making assumptions about truth when you do not have all the facts.

Game Worn Radio: Recent and Upcoming Auctions, SCF Jerseys

This week, the panel discussed some of the recently closed auctions and some of the upcoming auction offerings.  We also discussed Stanley Cup Finals patched jerseys and some of the quirks that come with patching jerseys.

We also had a bit of a teaser regarding the possibility of future expo planning.

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Game Worn Radio: Chicago Expo Review

This week we were joined by Francis, Dan, Tom and Jason who attended the expo and Matt and Marco who did not.  We talked a bit about the things we saw and our experiences at the expo and the importance behind attending these shows.

Words can’t describe attending an event like this, but we did our best and we hope we convey the message appropriately.

Later this week, we will publish our recording from the pre-expo gathering that happened in Pete’s hotel room.

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Game Worn Radio: Expo, LOAs, Photomatching

Last night was our last show before the Expo in Chicago.  We recapped many things about the expo and even announced that in addition to the cash bar, there will be a couple hours of open bar serving domestic drafts, wine, wells and mixers.

We also discussed terminology used throughout the hobby, covering what game worn, game issued, bench worn, team issue, etc. stand for.

Also included is some discussion on LOAs and photo matching.

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Game Worn Radio: Expos, Raffle, Authentication Trust

On this episode we discussed the past weeks NOVA expo, the upcoming Chicago expo and the raffles being held at the expo.  We also discussed an upcoming article regarding the trust placed in companies offering authentication verification.

Additionally, we try to convince Marco that “Happy wife, happy life” only starts after marriage and we try to convince her to allow him to attend the Chicago expo.

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