Game Worn Radio Hiatus


To best keep our avid listeners informed, Game Worn Radio will be taking a short hiatus from broadcasting this week as our host recovers from illness.  We will post our next broadcast once it is scheduled.  Thank you for listening!

Game Worn Radio: Guilt from Sales Reps, Name Dragging

We originally planned to have Mike Sgroi on however he was feeling under the weather and there was a hurricane coming so we had to reschedule.

Instead, we discussed some recent events that happened in the hobby which included a Fanatics sales rep that attempted to guilt a potential customer after the customer did not commit to a purchase after negotiations.

We also discussed an incident where a collector reported another as a bad seller/trader but offered no explanation after multiple requests to furnish more information.

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Enforcer Mike Sgroi on Game Worn Radio


You don’t want to miss this!  Mike Sgroi is scheduled to be on the next episode of Game Worn Radio on September 5th at 9PM Eastern.  Set your calendars and make sure to tune-in Live!  We will be talking with Mike about his experiences in hockey and getting his opinion on our hobby.

Mike is a well known professional hockey enforcer who now works with youth hockey and MMA.  He has had a number of stints with various teams.  You can view his game stats here.  You can also view his hockey fight cards here.

This show will be limited to 8 total callers.  Questions for Mike can be pre-submitted to our Facebook Group.

Game Worn Radio: Art of the Trade, Vintage Market

On this episode of Game Worn Radio we discussed the art of trading and why it seems that trading has become so difficult lately. What the difference between perceived valuations and retail valuations are and how it can affect trades.

Casey also joined us during the show, and after a little bit of rib jabbing helped us talk about the current health of the vintage market.

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Game Worn Radio: Protecting Your Collection and Game Issue Values

On this episode we talked about the measures we take when protecting our collection from fire, water, and theft. What would you do if you lost everything? Would you rebuild?

We also discussed the varying values of game issued jerseys.

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Game Worn Radio Catalog on YouTube


We have had numerous requests so we have uploaded our entire catalog on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure.  All new recorded episodes will be added through this medium as well so you can subscribe to the channel to be notified of the release of new episodes.

Game Worn Radio: Barry Meisel and the Las Vegas Golden Knights Game Worn Program

This week we had the pleasure of having Barry Meisel of The Meigray Group to talk about the Las Vegas Golden Knights game worn jersey program and a little bit about the practices and insights Barry had to offer on the hobby as a whole.

We asked the tough questions we did not expect to get answered but Barry wouldnt get tripped up.  He was not afraid to answer any question that came his way.

Finally, we were able to announce an upcoming grab bag joint venture by The Classic Stuff and  We will have more information on this offering and how you can reserve your entry in the next coming days.

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