Game Worn Radio: Art of the Trade, Vintage Market

On this episode of Game Worn Radio we discussed the art of trading and why it seems that trading has become so difficult lately. What the difference between perceived valuations and retail valuations are and how it can affect trades.

Casey also joined us during the show, and after a little bit of rib jabbing helped us talk about the current health of the vintage market.

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Game Worn Radio: Protecting Your Collection and Game Issue Values

On this episode we talked about the measures we take when protecting our collection from fire, water, and theft. What would you do if you lost everything? Would you rebuild?

We also discussed the varying values of game issued jerseys.

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Game Worn Radio Catalog on YouTube


We have had numerous requests so we have uploaded our entire catalog on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure.  All new recorded episodes will be added through this medium as well so you can subscribe to the channel to be notified of the release of new episodes.

Game Worn Radio: Barry Meisel and the Las Vegas Golden Knights Game Worn Program

This week we had the pleasure of having Barry Meisel of The Meigray Group to talk about the Las Vegas Golden Knights game worn jersey program and a little bit about the practices and insights Barry had to offer on the hobby as a whole.

We asked the tough questions we did not expect to get answered but Barry wouldnt get tripped up.  He was not afraid to answer any question that came his way.

Finally, we were able to announce an upcoming grab bag joint venture by The Classic Stuff and  We will have more information on this offering and how you can reserve your entry in the next coming days.

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Game Worn Radio: Adidas Jerseys, Bad Buyers, Etiquette

On this episode of Game Worn Radio we talked about the new Adidas jerseys and what our thoughts and opinions are on them.

We had some banter about the projected success and stability for the new Las Vegas team with great points on each side as well as the request list for the inaugural season jerseys.

Finally, we discussed how it is possible to be a bad buyer and how to avoid dealing with bad buyers.  This topic evolved into an overall discussion on etiquette in the hobby.


Game Worn Radio: Wives Takeover

This week the guys took a step back and let their wives take over.  This is the first time we have gotten the input from the collector’s significant other’s point of view on the hobby.

From their husbands collecting habits, to money, to their favorite teams and activities, these ladies put it out there to talk about everything game worn.

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Game Worn Radio: Technology in the Hobby

Due to some technical issues this episode joins the guys already in discussion.  They were talking about the differences adn events that happened in the early days of collecting and how even though some collectors view those days as the ‘glory days’, today’s era may be the best.

This topic will be discussed again in a future show so everyone can hear some stories regarding the previous years.

The show moving forward discusses how technology has assisted collectors in becoming more educated and making research easier which can consider recent years as the best years in the hobby.

Since Bobby cannot join on Mondays, we are considering a new time to start the show.

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Game Worn Radio: Equipment Sale Follow-up and Auction House Lash Back

This week we talked about the Detroit Red Wings sale and how the changes in rules and procedures affected the sale as well as pricing and item availability.

Doc weighed in on some thing happening with the blues including the increased jersey count and jersey sales beginning on eBay.

This lead us to a heated discussion regarding auction house rates and procedures with a little bit of business philosophy and consumer purchasing power.

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