Can the Game Worn Community Track Down a Jersey?


Lets see how strong our Game Worn community can be.  Is it strong enough to track down a very specific jersey from the 1980’s?  Can the community rally together to help out a fellow collector?

The jersey in question is a 1980-81 Colorado Rockies #8 jersey which would have been worn by Aaron Broten, who played for 2 games with the Rockies.

The following is NOT the jersey, but this is what the Rockies jerseys looked like, for those that have never seen one:

Refer to this letter sent to us:

During the most recent radio show you guys were talking about player interactions and this was particularly interesting to me because I am looking for a jersey for a former NHL player. I contacted you guys previously about a Rockies Aaron Broten jersey I am looking for to give to Aaron as a gift. As I’m new to the hobby I’ve had a very difficult time being able to find any information of this shirt, and it is most likely because I just don’t know any members of the hobby on a personal level, and being on the West Coast of Canada it is very difficult to get out to expos and the like to reach out to people in person.

Listening to the radio show, it sounds like some issues are whether people are really representing players, or whether they legitimately have something to offer in exchange for the shirt. These are both non issues in my case. I can offer proof that I know Aaron to anyone wanting verification and I have a significant budget available for this, basically I am fairly certain I would be able to offer more for such a jersey than anyone else, because this jersey means so much on a personal level to be able to give to Aaron,that I can’t see some casual Aaron or Rockies fan being willing to match what I’d be willing to pay.

Awhile ago while talking to Aaron the subject of his first jersey came up and he couldn’t remember what number he wore as he only wore it for two games. Aaron has collected almost all of his jerseys throughout his career, But he doesn’t have his first shirt. So my uncle and I decided we were going to try and find it for him (years ago out of the blue Aaron sent my uncle his 1987 Canada Cup USA home #10 jersey so we both thought it’d be awesome to return the favour). Anyways it took me three full months of researching to even prove what number Aaron wore, there are official NHL publications that list #24 and #10, But finally going to the game sheets I found out it was #8. After awhile I tracked down a program from his second game, highlights from his first game and found pictures of him in his third game where he took warm up and then got sat.

I know in the hobby they say do your research, and believe me I have on this particular jersey, But I’ve found so little info on its whereabouts. I’ve even gone back to hockey news ads mentioning Rockies jerseys available from 1982 and found out where those people live to contact them and ask what those jerseys were haha. But Jason Seidl is the only guy who has seen this jersey before and it was about 15 years ago and the dealer he thought owned it doesn’t remember having it. The thing is, somebody must know something about it, according to Jason it was showcased at an expo at Valley Forge and there are so many active collectors in that area. I truly believe if I can get the right people to ask around for me, this jersey might be found and can be reunited with it’s original owner, it’d make a pretty good story and I’d make sure to share some pictures of Aaron with it.

Can you offer any advice to me on where to go from here? I’ve had no luck posting want ads online (I feel the owner is probably not overly active online or there probably would have been some discussion of it at some point) and I just don’t have the contact or networking capabilities that some longer term collectors have. I would appreciate any help you can give, and although I know it was said some people like helping just for the “warm and fuzzies” of it, But I certainly don’t expect anyone to do something for nothing and I’m willing to give out a finders fee to anyone who can help me get in touch with a seller on this.

You can e-mail any leads to our Contact page.