Beware of the “New” NHL Auctions


NHL Auctions was once an auction resource where collectors could confidently bid on items from various teams throughout the year.  For special event jerseys, such as the Stadium Series and Winter Classic, we have seen Meigray hosting auctions as well (back when they were the handlers of the jerseys).

Now, Fanatics has taken over the NHL Auctions in conjunction with a deal they made with the NHL and we are advising that you be very careful with this resource.  In the most recent turn of events, we have seen items listed as “Game Issue” or “Player Issue” changed to “Game Worn”.

As you can see in our auction tracker, we have Matt Benning and Anton Slepyshev listed as GI.  That is because at the time we collected the information, they were.  Other collectors have noticed that these listings, which originally had no bids, we changed from GI to Game Worn while the auction was running and begun to acquire bids.

Take note of the box score from the game, and you will see that Benning and Slepyshev are not on the list of players played.  You can also compare the descriptions between the Mark Fayne that is still listed as Game Issue (for now) and the ones that have been changed to worn.  How can a player wear a jersey in the first period of a game he did not dress for?  While keeping in mind that these jerseys are being advertised to fans who do not necessarily know better, this action can be seen as predatory.  Please proceed with caution.

Update 11/1/16: The auctions have been set back to their original listings.  It is unknown if bidders were able to retract their bids after the newest change.