Attention to Detail is Everything

As you will see from a collector who writes in to report some of his findings, attention to detail is everything.  When buying, inspect the item you receive against the information given by the seller.  Knowing the smallest details could be the difference between a good buy and a bad buy.

Many of us in the hobby have at one time or another bought a jersey from an auction house. Some in the hobby regularly purchase jerseys from the various auction houses. When we buy a jersey from an auction house we expect them to honestly represent the jersey and provide accurate details. Unfortunately this is not always the case and sometimes there are issues with a listing and they can usually be fixed by a simple email or phone call to the auction house. 

The December 2014 auction from showcased a large consignment of international jerseys. Among them was a 2003-04 road CSKA Moscow jersey worn by Nikolai Pronin in auction lot #634. The jersey sold by is in the photos below.

The images below are what was shipped to satisfy this closing lot.

This jersey was recently sold on eBay and was sold as it was reportedly received from As you can see, there are multiple things about the jerseys that do not match up. The collars are different, one has some white accents and the other is solid dark blue. The “K” on the December 2014 listing has less extra fabric around the letter than the one sold on eBay. The name plate on the December 2014 listing shows repairs on the top, but the one sold on eBay shows no signs of repairs. Most importantly, the jersey on December 2014 listing shows tons of wear consistent with use during a full season, but the one sold on eBay shows wear more consistent with pre-season game use.

The individual who bought the jersey from the December 2014 listing had no idea that there were any issues until it was pointed out to him. He assumed that the auction house sent him the jersey he bid on based on the photos he saw. He did not get what he paid for though and it was too late by then.

The moral of this story is buyer beware. Know what you should expect from your sellers and the quality of offerings they have.  Do your research before you buy, and follow up and compare after you buy. With that said, I leave you with this question. How does an auction house have photos of a jersey, but ship another jersey that is clearly much different and not what was in the auction listing?