Are Jersey Advertisements in the Future of the NHL?

Many have seen the recent news, all the World Cup jerseys will have a sponsor patch on the shoulder, SAP.  Many outlets are reporting that this patch will ONLY be on game worn jerseys and not retail authentics.

This development brings back the curiosity of advertisements on jerseys in the NHL.  As many of you know, currently there are absolutely no ads on NHL jerseys, one of the few leagues in hockey to avoid this.  We have seen ads on jerseys in just about every other league.  Many AHL teams have sponsor patches on the chest, the ECHL can have them on the check as well as the back and skirt of jerseys and international teams can have them all over including the ice!NHL-Ice-Ads

Will the NHL lose the clean look and limited ice advertisements that they currently have and fall victims to profits?  What do you think?