April 8th Chicago Expo Venue

We recently stopped in at Joe’s on Weed St in Chicago where the 2017 Game Worn Jersey Expo will be held on April 8th over frozen four weekend so we can bring you more exciting information and pictures regarding the venue.  Registration for the event is currently open for early registration until December 31st.

14682172_1069165586535866_4507347045278753476_oWhen you enter Joe’s, there is a hallway in the back of the restaurant area to lead you to our reserved banquet area.  Above is the view you will see coming from the hallway.  Straight ahead, you can see one of the bars in the venue with TVs overhead.

14712505_1069165609869197_4934012473049270009_oThis will be the main show area where the tables are set up.  The configuration for the show will be different based on the number of tables reserved, but you can imagine the possibilities.  You can see the stage and projection screens across the area that we will attempt to utilize during the show.

14612545_1069165513202540_7528311558192445810_oFrom the far side of the stage, you can see the amount of space we have available for displays.  

14692064_1069165479869210_1451734877593209993_o This is a view of the hallway that is only accessible from our private banquet area that leads to the restrooms for the banquet area.  This allows us to be completely secluded from the rest of the restaurant.