Adidas Jersey Material and Technology Changes


With the reveal of the new Adidas jerseys, much focus has been placed on how team jerseys will change.  More stripes?  Less stripes?  Location of this and that.  We want to take a moment to talk about what in the model of the jersey is changing as a whole by piecing together information deduced by pictures and information releases.

Adidas claims that the jerseys will be lighter (up to 19% lighter than Reebok Edge 2.0) by using new materials in cresting and construction of the jersey.  They claim this will reduce crest weight by 46% and number weight will be reduced 60% by using a single layer perforated numbering system.  It still looks like for many teams, the numbers still have multiple layers as seen in the photo taken from the Winnipeg Jets display and are not necessarily perforated.


Now if we take a look back at the World Cup of Hockey jerseys, we can see the single layer perforated numbering system as seen in this Frolik Czech Republic jersey.  Does this mean that weight saving feature will not be a standard in the NHL?  Inspecting the photos for the team releases, we have only seen limited evidence of perforated numbers on NHL jerseys so this does not appear to be implemented league wide.



They claim that the material used in the jersey will be cooler than the Reebok model, stating that materials used are 133% more permeable than previous materials.  While inspecting pictures of these jerseys, its clear to see that the material used in the sides of the body and the shoulders will allow for more air flow.  There is a distinct difference in the visuals of this material, however the material used for the arms, front and back of the jersey look remarkably like the same material used in the Reebok Edge 1.0.  Could it be different?  Sure.  Many collectors remember the switch from Edge 1.0 to Edge 2.0 due to this unbreathable stretchy material.19274854_10154809693209506_7068765374950221811_n

Finally, Adidas claims that these jerseys will be stronger.  More resistant to pulling and cuts.  Could this mean we stand to see less wear among these jerseys in the hobby?  

The last big change we have noticed is the NHL shield on the neckline.  Instead of a flat embroidered design, it looks metallic or plastic.


To see videos and pictures of all the jerseys coming to the NHL in 2017-18, you can view the press release information on the Adidas website from their June 21st release.