About Us Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our objective is to bring all collectors from all over the world together into one single place to create a long lasting community.  We want to ensure the growth of the hobby and allow all of our members to continue to learn new things within the hobby.

In order to grow the hobby, we are dedicated to ensuring that joining the community remain easy, quick and free.  We promise to always think about the community’s needs and wants, listening to each persons input and trying to implement the best practices that are in our ability to abide by our mission.

We promise to never be complacent or refuse to adhere to the demands within the community.  Our continuous thoughts about progression will allow us to meet the growing needs of our members and our willingness to listen will ensure that the community knows that we put them first, always.

We value continuous development and maintenance of our website to continue to bring a great experience to our collectors without cost.  Development and hosting can be expensive, but access to the website must always remain free.  Our continued development will supported through the donations of time of volunteering members and the service offerings available from our website.  Payments will never be a requirement for use of the website.

All of our members and their varying opinions are valuable to us and we promise to conduct ourselves with maturity and dignity as we expect our members would.  In some instances, our members may fall short of each others expectations and it is our responsibility to remind each other of the conduct that is expected.