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How does it all work?
We collect as much information as we can from fellow collectors and present this information in the best manner we find possible in order to assist each other in collecting.  From authentication to finding the right piece for a collection, we strive to grow the hobby through a sense of community with other collectors.

Authentication Guides
Our authentication guides are a collective knowledge base from other collectors around the world.  The information may not be 100% accurate, but it will definitely help put your research on the right track.

Our website operation costs are supplemented by taking consignments from other collectors.  We pride ourselves in taking the lowest rate possible and expand our search engine optimization to make your consignments as visible as they can be.
We have two types of consignments: Digital and Physical.
A Digital consignment is where a seller pays a small fee in addition to a consignment rate to list their item on our site.  The seller maintains possession of their item until it is sold.  GameWorn.us acts as a middle man to pair the buyer with the seller.  These items are identified in our store as Consignment Status: Digital Listing.
A Physical consignment is an item that is sent to GameWorn.us.  The seller only pays a consignment rate at the time of sale.
Authenticity: We do not guarantee the authenticity of any consigned item.  We encourage you to do your own independent research.  We will supply you with as much information as we can about a submitted item, but items are only as good as their providence.

Team Partnerships
In order to bring out collectors the most up to date information on news regarding various teams, we will be reaching out to these teams to create a partnership to allow us to collect and organize news on upcoming game worn events and sales as well as points of distribution.  Team representatives, please contact us direct for these opportunities.