About Us History

GameWorn.us is a website by collectors, for collectors.  Our founders love the art of collecting jerseys, but began to get frustrated by the lack of genuine support and overabundance of greed found in dealing with many services. Social media was laden with complaints and these businesses did nothing to address the issues, much less acknowledge them.

That’s what happens when greed is the motivation behind the business; not the customer, their experience, their satisfaction. That realization is what led our founders to break away from the mainstream and start their own site for collectors.

Our vision for GameWorn.us is to create the one stop resource for collectors of all levels. The company provides a place for industry news, relevant (and cool) stories, and all kinds of information on jerseys and how to buy and sell them.

All of this is done with the objective of putting the collector first – always. Our founders and our team listen every day to feedback from their collectors; what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done to make things even better all around.

That’s the GameWorn.us difference.