A Lesson Learned in the Proper Handling of Jerseys

After the Winter Classic, it has been reported that the St Louis Blues jerseys were placed in a bag, unwashed until sold by Fanatics.  There were two sets of jerseys being handled by Fanatics, 1st period and 2nd period.  

Auctioned first was the first period jerseys.  The listing was created and started prior to the game being played.  A stock photo was used in the listing and never updated.


It is unknown how long it took the jerseys to arrive to fanatics, but there have been reports that the jerseys were shipped without being washed.  Unfortunately, it does not appear that Fanatics took proper care with the jerseys upon receiving them by washing and hanging them.  That resulted in the following:

As you can see, mold has started to take place.  The original owner of the jersey returned it to Fanatics who then sold the jersey as-is.  The new owner received the jersey and washed it to neutralize the mold, unfortunately the damage has already been done and the jersey has been permanently stained.

Looking at the 2nd period jersey listings, it appears that these jerseys were also left in bags and taken out to be photographed.  Its hard to identify mold, but it does not appear that any additional care was taken for these jerseys, such as a simple wash and hang.img-2117009-f

Let this be a nice note for anyone receiving jerseys from the “Off the back” events.  Once you receive the jersey, machine cold wash, hang dry, and store properly.