2017 St Louis Blues Equipment Sale

By Jason Doc Noyes

This was my 3rd Blues equipment sale and it seems to get bigger and crazier every year.  When the sale was announced initially, it said there would be limits on certain things but didn’t say what.  I guessed helmets and gloves, as those are the biggest things people fight over.

A few days before the sale the Blues put out one helmet and one pair of gloves per person.  Season ticket holders would get in at 11 and everyone else 12 pm.

I checked in with a few friends who were going. One was getting a hotel the night before and planned on getting there at about 5am.  I planned on arriving at 7am..  I have an hour and a half drive so as I decided to leave I checked Facebook and saw posts of a few people in line.  Some got there at 10pm the day before, others at midnight.

When I arrived, they had parking open at Scottrade for $5.  I was 20th in line and had 4 hours to wait.  I talked to a lot of friends and other collectors/  Many were hoping for Winter Classic stuff but most of us had already heard it wasn’t going to be there.  Other people, of course, wanted Tarasenko.  As we stood inline and talked, we made deals back and fourth as some just wanted helmets others gloves etc.  30 minutes before the doors opened, the blues media department posted a video of the entire floor.  We slowed the video down enough to see what was on the tables and see some pricing along with making our plans of attack.  

15 minutes before the doors open, workers came out to start checking STH cards and giving us wristbands.  At this point the line is probably 400 or more deep.  They let us in the building but we had to go through a metal detector.  They only had 2 working which slowed entry down a ton.  We finally got down to the floor and all the game used stuff is at the far end.  Helmets disappeared quick, gloves next, and bags, nameplates, sticks were also very popular.  They were even selling section signs and office stuff as they are about to start renovating Scottrade.  I found find 2 pair of gloves, a helmet, 2 pair of socks and some nameplates.  The floor was insane as the people just kept pouring down the stairs.  The checkout line took close to an hour, the team just didn’t seem to know how to handle so many people.

When I finally got out of the rink, the line for non-season ticket holders looped back and fourth in front of Scottrade.  Comments on Facebook said it took some people more than 4 hours.  It was a successful trip for most people but the team could still make some changes to make things easier