2015 Meigray Expo Review


This year, GameWorn.us was able to attend and set up a table at the 2015 Meigray Expo in New Jersey.  We were livestream the expo to anyone watching on the web with a computer set up to allow attendees to interact with views in the chat window.  The computer was projected on the wall for all to see, and our stream was mobile so we could take viewers on a tour of the entire room.  Unfortunately, I clicked the wrong button after the show and the stream was not saved.

Mike Bossy was the speaker at the show this year and he was great.  The stories he shared and his sense of humor was second to none.  As an added bonus, we were treated to some good banter back and forth between Bossy and Barry Meisel from their long history together which made for a very entertaining podium.

The grab bags were handed out and opened after Bossy spoke with the grand prize being an Ovechkin jersey.  A young gun named Ryan opened the Ovechkin which was purchased by his parents for his birthday.  We were able to talk to Ryan for a moment and discovered that he is very new to jersey collecting, so this will make a great piece to his collection.  We showed Ryan how to pull the population reports and read them so he could tell which games his jersey was used in and taught us a bit about things he knew about gear.

One of the best parts about attending the Expo was meeting all the collectors that you see and interact with on the forums and facebook pages.  It was great to share different stories and talk about the jerseys we have.  If I had to choose one reason to tell you to go to a Meigray expo, it would be to meet all the people that attend.

After the expo was over and we broke down our displays, we made our way over to the Meigray warehouse.  Once there, we were able to restart our livestream (I was able to save this one) and show the viewers the inside of the warehouse, which for those that have never seen it, is a pretty overwhelming experience.  I will let the video handle the details.

Finally, here are some pictures from the Expo for you to enjoy starting with the collector tables:

Meigray had some nice displays up as expected:

Meigray Vintage was present:

NHL Snipers had a display:

And finally, we have the Hockey Hall of Fame table:

Hopefully at future expos and shows I wont be so eager to get to the warehouse and will remember which button to click to save a copy of the livestream.  I hope everyone enjoyed the expoas much as I did.