2015 Bay Area Game Worn Hockey Collectors Gathering


On March 13, 2015, GameWorn.us sponsored the 2015 Bay Area Game Worn Hockey Collectors Gathering at Redwood City’s Fifth Quarter Pizza. This was a much smaller event than the February, 2014 Bay Area Expo. The 2015 event was more of a “gathering” than an Expo. While this event was much smaller than the previous year’s event, everyone had a great time.

The 2014 Expo featured a large raffle that raised $1000 for local Bay Area charities (San Jose Sharks Foundation, Veggielution and the Aubri Brown Club).  Many 2014 Expo participants also attended two San Jose Sharks hockey games. Considerable planning and resources went into making the 2014 Expo a reality. In contrast, minimal planning went into the 2015 Gathering with the main objective being to gather a group of collectors to share the hobby they love.

Approximately 20 collectors from the San Jose Bay Area, Vancouver and Germany gathered to share selected pieces from their jersey collections, trade and sell jerseys, swap stories and enjoy some food and beverages. The atmosphere was very relaxed with everyone laughing, talking and enjoying a wonderful evening with new and old friends. The highlight of the gathering was the fist public showing of the Wade Belak On Ice Memorial Archive.

Similar to the 2014 Expo, there was a webcast of the 2015 gathering to share all the amazing jerseys in the room with collectors who could not make the trip to California.

Gameworn.us plans on hosting a small collectors get-together every year in the San Jose Bay area and a full scale Expo approximately every 5-10 years.