Game Worn Radio: Exit Interviews

It is no surprise that people come and go in the hobby.  This hobby is a revolving door.  This episode of Game Worn Radio explores the reasoning behind the decisions to leave the hobby.  

In one collectors case, a multitude of factors played into the decision including healthcare and time, but even the smallest of issues can tip the decision over the edge, people.

People can be the best and worst thing in this hobby, everybody responds differently.  Every person has a right to take a look at the information presented to them and draw a conclusion about any scenario, but its what you do with that information that is the most important.  Do you resolve conflict or put fuel on the fire?  Mediate differences or attack your fellow collector?  The choice is yours, the opinion is others’.


Why the London Knights Case is a Landmark Case for the Hobby


As many have read recently, Scott Galbraith may be taking action against the London Knights for what he believes is fraud (this article is not to sway opinion one way or another).  There are multiple stories coming out about the issues including this article and this article.  The original auction listing is here.

Some people have said that the team tried to make it right and Scott should be satisfied with that.  Those people are wrong.  The moment you accept fraudulent actions from an organization, even if they try to ‘make it right’, it sets the notion that they could try it again, maybe to someone who wouldn’t know better.  

There are a couple of issues that we see in the game worn collecting world when it comes to organizations:  Teams do not know what they have or teams think their customers do not have resources for authentication outside of the team’s word.

Whiffen of the London Knights said in regards to photo matching:

It is not a foolproof or precise process, because you would literally have to watch every shift played during the course of the season to know if every mark corresponded. It’s a tool, but hardly a science.

When the auction states: 

Are Jersey Advertisements in the Future of the NHL?

Many have seen the recent news, all the World Cup jerseys will have a sponsor patch on the shoulder, SAP.  Many outlets are reporting that this patch will ONLY be on game worn jerseys and not retail authentics.

This development brings back the curiosity of advertisements on jerseys in the NHL.  As many of you know, currently there are absolutely no ads on NHL jerseys, one of the few leagues in hockey to avoid this.  We have seen ads on jerseys in just about every other league.  Many AHL teams have sponsor patches on the chest, the ECHL can have them on the check as well as the back and skirt of jerseys and international teams can have them all over including the ice!NHL-Ice-Ads

Will the NHL lose the clean look and limited ice advertisements that they currently have and fall victims to profits?  What do you think?

Collector Interview: Ben Upshur


Almost everyone knows the rift between modern jersey collectors and vintage jersey collectors.  You may have seen posts between myself and Ben Upshur in the past bantering back and forth regarding the wear on modern jerseys against vintage jerseys.  We had an opportunity to get inside his head a bit and learn more about Ben. What do you do for a living
Ben Upshur: I manage e-commerce for a local small business.

GW: What is your favorite beer?
Ben: I haven’t had a drink in 3 years now, but when I was drinking honestly it was Miller Lite. Loved Jack Daniels and Jim Beam as well.

GW: What is your favorite team?
Ben: Philadelphia Flyers, started watching hockey heavily while I was living there and never left my blood.

GW: Who is your favorite player?
Ben: Current Player: Mark Streit
Past Player: I have a lot of guys that I loved the way they played, can’t pick just one!

GW: When and how did you get started collecting?

Game Worn Radio: Collection Focus

We had a bit of a hiccup with connections to a couple callers, but we got it worked out by the end of the show.

Seemed there was a lot of mixed feelings regarding broad and narrow collecting focus.  One thing seems clear, there is no write or wrong way to collect.

Next time, with the release of some of the Adidas jersey images for World Cup, we talk about favorite model jerseys, worst model jerseys and jersey designs and logos.