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The Cost of a Team Jersey


Most collectors wont pay $200-250 for a game issued jersey with the exception of a few players.  Unfortunately for teams and distributors, this is the actual cost of producing the jersey itself, so when game issue jerseys get discounted down from $200-250, the team takes a loss.  This is why many teams start auctions and pricing at $250 to the dismay of some collectors.

A larger issue for the team is when the team switches jersey styles or the league uses different models.  These model and style changes can leave teams with an overstock of unusable jerseys at about $160 a piece.  Lettering, numbers, and stitching the appropriate patches on a jersey end up running the price up another $75-100 per jersey for game issued jerseys.

The Reebok to Adidas switch this year has left some teams with an overstock of team issue jerseys.  Meigray, who from what I understand handle the purchase and lettering of the jerseys while sending the final product to the teams for use, seems to have a decent among of stock on hand creating a great opportunity for jersey collectors to get as close as you can to an on-ice authentic as possible (just find lettering).  Right now, you can find team issue jerseys from Meigray teams on ebay for a fraction of the cost of the jersey to the team in order to eliminate old stock.

If you didn’t know the cost of purchasing and lettering a jersey, you may now understand why the most common baseline for a jersey is roughly $250.

Game Worn Radio: Hobby Economics, Value, TimberGraphs

We discuss some topics that we saw throughout some of the groups involving the valuation of jerseys, economics in the hobby and the etiquette that surround these attributes.

We introduce TimberGraphs which make wooden signatures of your favorite players that enhance your displays.

Audio Only:

New Partner: TimberGraphs has partnered with TimberGraphs as an opportunity to connect collectors to new and exciting was to accent their game worn displays.

TimberGraphs are hand cut and shaped pieces of art of your favorite players autograph.  They are cut, sanded and finished individually giving each piece a unique touch.  

Here, you can see a sample of Steve Yzerman and Gordie Howe TimberGraphs and an example how it can accent your displays.

TimberGraphs are priced based on complexity of the piece and range from $150 to $250.  Players that have not already been stenciled can be custom requested which includes a custom analysis to translate the work into a wooden medium.  Lead times are adjusted as order volume increases which you will be able to see on our partner pages.

To place your order for TimberGraphs, visit our partner page here.  For questions concerning TimberGraphs, please use our Contact Us page.