What Does That Barcode Mean For You?


 These days, many teams and even sports are using barcodes to indicate their game worn jerseys.  Just recently, there has been word that the barcodes on the World Cup of Hockey jerseys will be scanned before the player puts on the jersey in order to track when the jersey was actually used.

With all those barcodes out there on our jerseys, what do they really mean to us?

The short answer is nothing.  The barcodes themselves do absolutely nothing for us.  They are not secure, they can be reproduced, they do nothing.  Where the true value comes into play is what CAN be associated with the barcode.  Tracking and scan data.

We have heard that you can request scan data from Fanatics for your jersey, which should help you to know what games your jersey was worn in, but this begs the question, who is doing the scanning?  When are they scanning?  Are they scanning the jerseys in and out?  Are they timestamped so we know if they were worn for the entire game or just for the period?

There can be a lot of questions surrounding these barcodes.  We have seen barcoded jerseys that indicate they are from a specific set, when photo matching shows that is actually incorrect.  How many places that use these barcodes do we see additional information from?  So far, Fanatics seems to be the first to make the corresponding data available, even if only by request.  Is there even data being collected that corresponds to these other barcodes, or are they just for show?

Game Worn Radio: Fanatics and World Cup of Hockey

This weeks episode tackled the presence of Fanatics being felt throughout the hobby through the distribution of the World Cup of Hockey Jerseys.

We accounted for a history of events regarding the sale of jerseys from fanatics and the discussed the varying pieces of information that collectors have heard or received regarding the jerseys. There was talk about what would have been better, what we viewed as being undesirable and finally the effects that may come in the future of the hobby.

Note: We are still working on dialing in our streaming bitrate with our data throughput so bare with us in the coming episodes.

Audio Only:

Hotel Block for the 2017 Game Worn Expo Chicago


The hotel for the 2017 Game Worn Jersey Expo in Chicago has been selected.  The Drake is located at 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611, the heart of Chicago’s tourist district.  Initial estimates for rooms are $169 + taxes per night.

In order to reserve a block of rooms at this negotiated price, we will need to know how many people need rooms and over which days (some are staying the weekend while others are staying the night).

Emails are being sent to collectors who have already registered and elected to receive hotel information.  If you would like to make sure you are counted in the number to block off rooms, make sure you register.

Pioneering the Hobby


by Chuck Eckels

The one thing all hockey jersey collectors have in common is a passion for the game of hockey. They express that passion by collecting a favorite team, a favorite era, or a favorite player. Others collect hockey books, media guides, sticks, or art. There are so many different ways to enjoy the game even more than simply watching it. So what’s the best way to intensify and express the affinity for the game and it’s players through collecting game worn hockey jerseys?  

There is tremendous biological diversity on this planet. That’s a good thing. How boring would it be if we all looked alike? There’s a large expanse of cultural diversity on this planet too.  There are so many choices when it comes to customs, food, languages and religion. The points of friction occur when a particular group tries to impose their choice on others. All the religious wars in history are a great example of this. So the best way to show how important the game is to you is to collect what you like.  Collect what ever makes you happy. There is no one way. There is no best way. Collectors will sometimes claim their way as “the best way” to collect game worn hockey jerseys. It is for them but maybe not for you or me.

I have changed my collecting focus more times than I have changed my socks.

Its That Time of Year for Specialty Jersey Announcements


Every year, close to the start of the season, ECHL and AHL teams begin to announce their plans for specialty jerseys throughout the season. Some plan two or three, this year, the San Jose Barracuda have planned 6.

For 6 home games during the year, the San Jose Barracuda will be wearing one-game only, specially designed jerseys for various events, including Pink in the Rink, Christmas, and Military Appreciation.

To view the list and see all the designs, check out their posting.